This is my body -
Anatomy for kids
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I want to see the illustration of the kid without underwear, is that possible?
Since some parents asked us to feature a short in that view instead, we decided to make it up on you - the parents. You can always change the illustration by using the iPads "". You'll then find information on that topic and the checkbox under "Apps", "Anatomy" tab.


This is my car -
Mechanics for kids
The app won't start after update!
On some devices you will need to do a clear install for the app to work properly.
Therefore, please delete the app first and then simply re-install it. After that it should work as before.


I know
the time
Why does a notification appear, saying that the app is ready to record?
Since we are using your voice as an input to measure the volume when interacting within the app the iOS sends a notification that it is ready. The app doesn't record anything!


Count 'n' Grow
smart arithmetic
Time has changed via "settings" app, but why does it seem to be as fast as before?
Changing the length of the game needs a "fresh restart" of the app. To archive that just leave the app (one click on the homebutton) and then double-click the home-button to see all running apps in one row. Then hold+tap on one app untill a red minus appears on the upper left side, now you can actually quit the app and restart it from the homescreen.


Learn numbers,
learn to count
What do the dots mean when counting and drawing the numbers?
The children should have an integrated approach to numbers and values. Therefore, both are combinated at each number.
Why are there dots above the animals?
In this case the dots are a guide-system for the children, this way it is easier for them to see if they have already counted an animal.
What means the „time-training” icons in exercise two?
When in „time-training” the children should train to assign the correct numerals of the requested amount - which is a foundation for understanding numbers.
All of the exercises learn and consolidate to practice the capture of amounts in numbers up to ten.


Learn to read,
learn to write
What is the reason for using phonetics rather than names?
By using phonetics, words are put together by sounds, rather than their names - since it is more important that the childs conjoins the sounds that they hear. This way children can read and write faster - and with more self-confidence.
Why is there no spelling recognition in the third step?
The third exercise encourages the children to use the moveable phonetic alphabet. In this step it is more important that the childs conjoins the sounds that they hear, even if the word is not spelled correctly. If they think they achieved their task and have written the word correctly they simple tap on the next object. This phonetic approach to language better helps children on their way to learn how to read, write and in the end, spell. While the children sound out the words, they equally develop confidence. All words are also repeated in the correct spelling at the end and the children can read and repeat the sound and image of each word again - with their own timing and on their own. In this exercise the childs should measure and evaluate their own progress to become more independent in using learning materials and to gain confidence in using them.
How many words/objects are available?
Each time an exercise begins there are seven objects from over sixty available items randomly selected.