Who am I?
Discover Wildlife

An app with beautiful artwork that will encourage the little users' fantasy.

Who am I? Discover Wildlife app
Who am I? Discover Wildlife App screenshots

Pocket Egg Race -
From egg to chicken

With "Pocket Egg Race" children can join a fun and entertaining journey of an egg that is heading to their breakfast plate.

Pocket Egg Race app
Pocket Egg Race App screenshots

This is my body -
Anatomy for kids

Tap, pull, drag and shake – all areas of the body wants to be discovered in different manner. Always engaging, always right for kids!

Anatomy app
Anatomy for kids App screenshots

I know the time -
learning to read the clock

How long does a day last? I know the time helps to understand the exciting facts of time!

I know the time app
I know the time app Screenshots


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Anatomy for kids on USA Today
We are featured in a very nice article about science apps for kids on USA TODAY! Have a look to see how much fun science actually is!


Anatomy for kids OSX
Our first OS X app is now available! "This is my body - Anatomy for kids" is now at the App Store!


Pocket Egg Race
Amazing! Pocket Egg Race is now Apple's "Editors' Choice" in many countries worldwide!


Pocket Egg Race launch
Pocket Egg Race is now available! Have a first look at it here!


Pocket Egg Race
Our latest app: Pocket Egg Race is waiting for release. Have a little look at it here!


Anatomy for kids
This is my body - Anatomy for kids has being awarded by Apple in Germany, Austria and Swiss as one of the top apps of 2012!


Pocket Art Lab
Pocket Art Lab has been featured by iTunes in more than 40 countries!


My little Rocket
Amazing! My little rocket has been featured by iTunes in more than 30 countries!


My little Rocket launch
My little Rocket is available now! Read more about it here.


New apps
We have new apps in review right now and we can't wait for them to be available! It's gonna be a lot of fun!


iPhonemom review
The famous iPhonemom.com site features a review of "This is my body - Anatomy for kids"! Giving us a very positive feedback and saying: "I have not seen another app like this yet"!


iMore review
imore.com reviewed "This is my body - Anatomy for kids" saying: "It is very engaging and fun for all young learners and makes learning about the human body fun and exciting." Thanks!


The Guardian review
The Guardian puts "This is my body - Anatomy for kids" to their list of "10 Best Apps of the Week"! Thanks!